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Mentor-IA Team

Juan Ortega

CEO & Co-founder

As the CEO of Mentor IA, Juan Ortega exemplifies a fusion of technological expertise and a passion for education. His academic foundation in Big Data and AI has equipped him to lead Mentor IA with innovation and foresight. Prior roles at ALLIENT and Nipro Medical Corporation honed his skills in AI, ML, and project leadership, preparing him for the challenges of the tech-education sector. Juan's commitment to making a societal impact is evident from his time with AIESEC, where he led initiatives aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and mentored in underprivileged Brazilian schools. At Mentor IA, Juan is driving the company towards cutting-edge AI-driven educational solutions, ensuring technology not only advances learning but also fosters global connection and empowerment. His leadership is characterized by a blend of technical acumen and a deep-rooted belief in education as a tool for positive change.

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Gustavo Tapia

COO & Co-founder

Bachelor in Business Administration and FAA Commercial Pilot, multidisciplinary in his training, which throughout it has shown a constant learning process and initiative being part of different organizations and projects that enhance his leadership and project management skills that will allow him to perform his responsibilities as COO in Mentor IA in a timely and efficient manner. Gustavo has held several positions of representation and leadership as Students Association President, President of the Faculty of Business Administration, Cantonal Director of the World Network of Young Politicians, National Project Manager at FEUPE and co-founder of the cultural production company 'La Fuente', where he has planned and executed several high impact projects such as TEDx UTPL in 2022, Debates in various electoral processes and produce his first literary production; which demonstrates his ability to 'make things happen', gaining experience in leading and managing teams based on agile methodologies. His vision to contribute to the formation of young people continues with Mentor IA, where we seek to enhance the potencial and skills of young people through education.

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Edgar Quezada

CTO & Co-founder

Engineer in computer systems and computing by profession and Master in artificial intelligence, pursuing a Master in Big Data and data visualization. Edgar Segundo Quezada PatiƱo has more than 4 years of experience in cognitive architectures where his leadership and innovation capacity has given him the opportunity to contribute to the development and automation of processes through artificial intelligence, analysis and data visualization tools with great impact. . in the financial sector. The use of applied artificial intelligence and his passion for technology has allowed him to strengthen not only his technical skills but also enhance his soft skills, thus allowing him to achieve high-reach results and the recognition of his colleagues and work leaders. The trajectory and current challenges in education have been factors to co-create Mentor IA as a proposal to redefine the way of learning in the education sector, through the use of disruptive technologies that allow it to be a constant support in continuous learning. . of students and be an opportunity to improve the learning models maintained by educational institutions.

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Eduardo Chango

CINO & Co-founder

Eduardo Chango leads the technology innovation efforts for Mentor IA's product development, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of industry advancements. An accomplished electronics engineer, Eduardo has contributed to several high-impact technology development projects. His experience in the AI industry, combined with his startup background, provides him with a comprehensive understanding of the need for constant innovation and swift adaptability to change.

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